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Mr. Tapas Kumar Dutta

Professor Computer Aided Design and Process Synthesis... View Profile

Dr. Siddhartha Datta

Professor Environmental Pollution Control... View Profile

Mr. Alakananda Mukherjee

Professor ... View Profile

Dr. Chandan Guha

Professor Transport Phenomena Reaction Kinetics... View Profile

Mr. Subhas Basu

Professor Simulation,Mineral Dressing ... View Profile

Dr. Pinaki Bhattacharyya

Professor Biotechnology,Separation Process... View Profile

Prof Kajari Kar Gupta

Professor Fluid Dynamics Of Nano-System,Membrane Separation ... View Profile

Prof Avijit Bhowal

Professor Process Intensification, Heat and Mass Transfer, P... View Profile

Prof Chiranjib Bhattacharjee

Professor Membrane Technology/ Separation Process/ Environme... View Profile

Prof Papita Das

Professor Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering,... View Profile

Prof Rajat Chakraborty

Professor Reaction Engineering, Biomass Hydrolysis; Energy-... View Profile

Dr. Nilava Sen

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Ujjaini Sarkar

Associate Professor Odour Assessment,Remote Sensing,Ventilation... View Profile

Mr. Maran Chandra Saha

Associate Professor Enery and Mass Transfer... View Profile

Mr Prasanta Kumar Banerjee

Associate Professor Petroleum Refinery Engineering,Petrochemicals... View Profile

Dr Mondal Chanchal

Associate Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Mr Debashis Roy

Associate Professor Reaction Engineering,Thermodynamics... View Profile

Dr Parama Ghoshal

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Ratna Dutta

Assistant Professor Petroleum Refinery Engineering and Petrochemicals ... View Profile

Dr Shyamal Roy

Assistant Professor Catalysis, Advance Material, Energy, Environment... View Profile

Dr Sudeshna Saha

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials and Nnaotechnology, Softmatter, Inte... View Profile

Dr Sujata Sardar

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile