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Prof Mita Nasipuri

Professor Bio-Medical Signal Processing, Image Processing, P... View Profile

Prof Diganta Saha

Professor Machine Translation/ Language Engineering/ Mobile ... View Profile

Prof Debotosh Bhattacharjee

Professor Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Vlsi, Progr... View Profile

Prof Chandan Mazumdar

Professor Distributed Computing/Information Security / Disas... View Profile

Prof Kamal Sarkar

Professor Machine Learning/Text Mining/Text Summarization/Me... View Profile

Prof Sanjoy Kumar Saha

Professor Image, Video and Audio Processing... View Profile

Prof Debotosh Bhattacharjee

Professor He has more than 321 publications in Biometrics a... View Profile

Prof Ujjwal Maulik

Professor Pattern Recognition and Data Mining, Soft Computin... View Profile

Prof Sarmistha Neogy Lahiri

Professor Fault Tolerance, Distributed Systems, Reliability,... View Profile

Prof Susmita Ghosh

Professor Neural Network,Image Processing,Pattern Recognitio... View Profile

Prof Jamuna Kanta Sing

Professor Face Recognition, Medical Image Processing, Comput... View Profile

Mr. Suranjan Kumar Ghose

Professor Parallel Algorithm & Architecture/ Interconnecti... View Profile

Dr. Bhaumik Bijan Bihari

Professor System Simulation,Computer Communication Network... View Profile

Dr. Rana Dattagupta

Professor Computer Architecture and Microprocessor-based Sys... View Profile

Prof Nandini Mukherjee

Professor Parallel Computing, Grid and Cloud Computing, Wire... View Profile

Mr. Shovonlal Kundu

Professor Pattern Recognition,Database... View Profile

Prof Atal Chaudhuri

Professor Fault Tolerant Paralleland Distributed Computer Ar... View Profile

Prof Anupam Sinha

Professor Parallel Computing... View Profile

Prof Mahantapas Kundu

Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr. Avijit Kar

Professor Image Processing and Computer Vision... View Profile

Prof Shivaji Bandyopadhyay

Professor Database,Machine Translation... View Profile

Dr Nibaran Das

Associate Professor Optical Character Recognition (Ocr), Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Ram Sarkar

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Image Processing, Pattern Recogn... View Profile

Dr Chandreyee Chowdhury

Associate Professor Mobile Computing, Fault Tolerance... View Profile

Mr Chitrita Chaudhuri

Associate Professor Data Mining... View Profile

Dr Subhadip Basu

Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Machine Lea... View Profile

Dr Nirmalya Chowdhury

Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Soft Computing, Text Processi... View Profile

Dr Sarbani Roy

Associate Professor Distributed Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, C... View Profile

Dr Sudip Kumar Naskar

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguis... View Profile

Dr Mridul Sankar Barik

Assistant Professor Distributed Systems, Network Security, Digital For... View Profile

Dr Chintan Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, Algorit... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Das

Assistant Professor Emotion Analysis, Text Analytic, Computational Lin... View Profile