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Dr. Tapan Kumar Ghosal

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Debashis Chatterjee

Professor Electrical Machines, Power Electronicsand Electric... View Profile

Prof Biswanath Roy

Professor Daylighting Design and Analysis, Radiometry and Ph... View Profile

Prof Abhijit Mukherjee

Professor Electromagnetic Transients, Non-Linear System Dyna... View Profile

Prof Samar Bhattacharya

Professor Control and Guidance, Real Time System, Safety Cri... View Profile

Prof Saswati Mazumdar

Professor Interior Lighting Design, Exterior Lighting Design... View Profile

Prof Swapan Kumar Goswami

Professor Distribution Planning, Analysis and Automation, Op... View Profile

Prof Suparna Kar Chowdhury

Professor Machines Analysis and Design, Electrical Machines ... View Profile

Prof Sugata Munshi

Professor Sensor Systems, Signal Processing Applications, Bi... View Profile

Prof Smita Sadhu Ghosh

Professor Control Systems, Control and Guidance Modeling and... View Profile

Dr Amitava Chatterjee

Professor i) Systems and Control ii) Signal Processing i... View Profile

Prof Madhubanti Maitra

Professor Control Systems, Mobile Communication, Modelling a... View Profile

Mr. Gourhari Das

Professor Control Systems, Design of Electro-Hydraulic Servo... View Profile

Dr. Sujit Kumar Biswas

Professor Power Electronics, Motor Drives and Magnetics... View Profile

Dr. Kalyan Kumar Datta

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Keshab Chandra Bhattacharyya

Professor High Voltage... View Profile

Mr. Anjan Rakshit

Professor ... View Profile

Mr. Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay

Professor ... View Profile

Mr. Ashoke Kumar Ganguly

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Sivaji Chakraborty

Professor High Voltage Engineering... View Profile

Prof Mita Datta

Professor Measurements... View Profile

Mr. Nirmal Kumar Deb

Professor Design and development of electrical machines and ... View Profile

Dr Sudipta Debnath

Associate Professor Power Systems, Power Quality... View Profile

Dr Sunita Halder Nee Dey

Associate Professor Electrical Power System,Reactive Power Control and... View Profile

Dr Ranjit Kumar Barai

Associate Professor Mechatronics and Robotics, Control Systems, Comput... View Profile

Dr Madhab Roy

Associate Professor Ferroresonance, Electromagnetic Fields, Electrical... View Profile

Prof Palash Kumar Kundu

Associate Professor Measurements and Instrumentation, Electrical and E... View Profile

Dr Arabinda Das

Associate Professor Microprocessor Based Control Of Electrical Drives,... View Profile

Mr Biswajit Bhattacharyya

Associate Professor Measurements... View Profile

Dr Susanta Ray

Assistant Professor Electrical Machine, Control System, Circuit Theory... View Profile

Dr Suddhasatwa Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile