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Prof Pratulananda Das

Professor My main research interest are Set Theory, Set theo... View Profile

Prof Tapasendra Basu

Professor Topology, Differential Geometry, Operations Resear... View Profile

Prof Sujit Kumar Sardar

Professor Pure Mathematics: Algebra, Linear Algebra-Semring ... View Profile

Prof Alaka Das

Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Prof Gopal Chandra Shit

Professor Biofluid Dynamics, Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Co... View Profile

Prof Ashish Kumar Sarkar

Professor Mathematical Biology and Ecology... View Profile

Prof Sagnik Sinha

Professor Statistics and Operations Research, Game Theory... View Profile

Prof Sudeshna Banerjee

Professor Fluid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Subhas Chandra Mandal

Professor Solid Mechanics(Crack and Contact Problems)... View Profile

Prof Nandadulal Bairagi

Professor Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Biology), Nonlin... View Profile

Prof Subenoy Chakraborty

Professor Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, General R... View Profile

Prof Prabir Kumar Kundu

Professor Mathematical Methods, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamical M... View Profile

Prof Farook Rahaman

Professor Mathematical Physics, Relativity, Cosmology and As... View Profile

Prof Shamik Ghosh

Professor Graph Theory, Abstract Algebra... View Profile

Prof Prakash Chandra Mali

Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Prof Pradip Kumar Sen

Professor Statistics/ Probability, Stochastic Process, O.R.,... View Profile

Dr Narayan Chandra Majee

Associate Professor Bio-Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Priti Kumar Roy

Associate Professor Mathematical Biology On Ecology With Special Empha... View Profile

Dr Nilanjana Mahata

Associate Professor General Relativity , Cosmology and Astrophysics... View Profile

Dr Kallol Paul

Associate Professor Operator Inequality, Geometry Of Banach Space... View Profile

Dr Sukhendu Kar

Associate Professor Advance Algebra... View Profile

Dr Swapna Debnath

Associate Professor Mathematical Physics Quantum Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Bibhas Chandra Giri

Associate Professor Operations Research... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Lahiri

Associate Professor Solid Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Dipak Kumar Kesh

Associate Professor Mathematical Biology... View Profile

Dr Anup Bandyopadhyay

Associate Professor Plasma Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Buddhadeb Sau

Associate Professor Computer Science, Localization Of Wireless Ad-Hoc ... View Profile

Dr Arindam Bhattacharyya

Associate Professor Diffferential Geometry , Ricci Flow , Computationa... View Profile

Dr Molla Basir Ahamed

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) (1). Value Distribution Theory of Nevanlinna (2). ... View Profile

Dr Santosh Biswas

Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology... View Profile

Dr Manasi Mandal

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis and Operator Theory... View Profile